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Since 1945, the California Educational Theatre Association (CETA) has been a strong force in shaping quality theatre education. CETA's visionary approach to meeting challenges has made it a nationally recognized organization. CETA supports and represents theatre educators throughout the state with its innovative programs and activities for theatre teachers, artists, and students.


Want to know more how having a single subject Theatre Credential offered will affect you?  Want to keep apprised of the latest information on the progress of TADA! SB 916 through the legislature and learn what you can do to help? 
New Teaching Performance Expectations on Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Integration | California Alliance for Arts Education,

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Upcoming Events:

2016 CETA Annual Conference
October 7, October 8, and October 9
El Portal Theatre Complex, North Hollywood, CA
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CETA Awards Nominations deadline is August 25th

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Southern High School Theatre Festival
January 13-15, 2017
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CETA Middle Stage Fest
Date February 18, 2017
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California Youth in Theatre Day (CYIT)
Date March 14, 2017
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NorCal High School Theatre Festival
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