The CETA High School Theatre Festival is looking to expand our adjudicator and workshop leader pool. We are looking for experienced theatre artists from a range of backgrounds to adjudicate local high school theatre productions in the fall. Please share this with people who you think would be great.

Adjudicator Criteria:
1. Adjudicators for HSTF must be 21 years or older.

2. An adjudicator must be able to attend/view a minimum of four shows in one regional area. This is expanding to Northern and Central California in a digital category for 2021. More info to come.

3. It is preferable that the adjudicator has theatre training and experience in college, community theatre and/or professional theatre.

4. The adjudicator must be aware of and sympathetic to the limitations and expectations appropriate to educational theatre, including: students’ acting abilities, facilities of the high school performance space, staffing of the high school productions, and budgets of high school theatre departments.

5. An adjudicator must be free of bias while adjudicating AND they must adjudicate only a school’s play with which they have not had any past or present affiliation (including, but not limited to, being a relative of any cast or staff member or present or past association with the school as a student, teacher, director, or staff member).
Compensation (as of 2019 and will be revised for 2021)
  1. Individuals in their first year of working as adjudicators for the CETA Festival are paid $60.00 for each adjudication providing it is submitted within the 72-hour deadline and that it meets the requirements detailed in “Requirements for Adjudicating, “ below.

  2. Individuals who have been invited to work as adjudicators after one year as CETA Festival adjudicators are paid $75.00 for each adjudication providing it is submitted within the 72-hour deadline and that it meets the requirements detailed in “Requirements for Adjudicating, “ below.

  3. Reimbursement for mileage is made for any one round-trip (to and from the performance venue) that is in excess of 40 (forty) miles. In keeping with current IRS standards for charitable mileage, reimbursement is $ .14 per mile.

Data for payment to adjudicators is submitted shortly after the close of the Festival adjudication period (December 10), and adjudicators may expect to receive checks within four weeks of that date.

We want your TALENT
We are seeking to grow our workshop leader database for our festival. Traditionally, CETA HSTF hosts a 3-day festival in Southern California with one day of theatre workshops. We want a diverse pool of professional theatre artist to lead a range of workshops for our attending high school students. We want acting, singing, dancing, design, playwriting, advocacy, puppetry, stage combat, makeup, theatre for social justice, audition and interview training, and anything you have that is great.
In the past, workshops have ranged from 1-3 sessions for a duration of 1-2 hours. This fluctuates based on the schedule created and location.
Pay has ranged from $50 per session to $125 per day, again, depending on number of workshops and the budget for that festival. In the past, workshop leaders were also given a 1-year membership to CETA. Leaders are also able to network with local high school teachers, who could further contract with you for master classes at their high school.
Clicking the link below simply adds you to our database. You are not committing to any job or contract. This is not an offer of employment. If you would like further information, please email the coordinator of the High School Theatre Festival, Desiree Hill at