One form per award category.  Please duplicate to nominate someone for additional awards or to nominate additional candidates.
• Deadline for CETA Award nominations is August 21th.
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CETA MEDALLION - presented to a member of the association whose continued service has been distinguished by leadership, loyalty, contribution, and support. *Must be a current CETA member.

OUTSTANDING THEATRE EDUCATOR AWARD - presented to an outstanding theatre educator for contributions to theatre education well beyond his/her work-a-day job in recognition of significant and valuable contributions made to encourage, promote, and develop the highest standards in theatre education. *Must be a current CETA member.

OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO EDUCATIONAL THEATRE AWARD - Recognition for outstanding contributions to theatre education by an individual or organization outside the discipline.

PROFESSIONAL ARTIST AWARD - presented to a professional artist or organization for assistance to and support of theatre education.

MULTICULTURAL AWARD - honors an individual, organization, institution or company making significant contribution to the field of theatre / drama for education dealing with multicultural issues and / or reaching diverse audiences and constituencies.

NEW TEACHER AWARD – honors a teacher that has made a significant impact in less than 5 years in the field of theatre education.

THEATRE LEADERSHIP - an award whose category is broad enough to recognize a specific event, workshop, authorship, or chairmanship of an event or committee. *Must be a current CETA member. I think this is essential. Most of the activities this person would do would be under the auspices of CETA.

ADMINISTRATOR AWARD - honors an administrator who has played a significant role in the advancement of theatre education.