I am thrilled to be the president of an organization whose value has impacted my personal and professional life over the last nineteen years. Whether you have been a continuous member, a new member, or you have not renewed your membership in some time, I want to ensure you that the future of theatre education in the state of California is bright and we need you to be part of it through our organization.

As I take on the presidency of this organization I have several goals I would like to accomplish with the help of our collaborative board over the next few years:

  • Work with colleges and universities to develop dynamic curriculum that ensure a theatre credential is offered by 2022.
  • Develop a strong relationship with our college and university partners so that we can develop and nurture pre-professional students. This will ensure that when they transition into the classroom they know and take advantage of the benefits of CETA.
  • Create an umbrella foundation called Stand Up 4 Theatre, mirroring our friends at the California Music Educators Association, that will allow theatre organizations from all over the state to provide funding for an arts lobbyist and raise money for scholarships.
  • Continue to develop our partnerships with EdTA, the 4 Arts Ed Orgs, and the other arts organizations throughout the state.
  • Develop a larger social media presence. We are currently developing our presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

I feel like at the moment we are standing at the cusp of greatness. After many years advocating for a theatre credential, the end is finally in sight. As I take on the task of leading the CETA Organization I am grateful to all of those theatre educators who came before me to fight for theatre education. That fight has led to an open door that will cement the importance of our contribution to content on the development of students within the state.

The CETA Board cannot do this work alone. It is my hope to get you involved. Please take a moment to speak with me, or any other board member, about opportunities for you to serve on one of our many committees. This work can be done from home with an internet connection and is one of the best ways for you to have a say in the work we are doing and even join in during your spare time.

I look forward to leading and working with each of you to ensure that our future includes theatre in every school in the state of California! If there is anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me at mdespars@cetaweb.org


Michael Despars