CETA is the professional organization for theatre educators in the State of California. It is our hope that colleges and universities that wish to develop credentialing programs in Theatre will promote the importance of professional organizations such as CETA and/or invite CETA to speak to your cohort about the advantages of membership for prospective and continuing educators. In return we hope that we can work one-on-one to help develop coursework that support future theatre educators. Please be our partner!

Resources for Higher Education, Credential Programs
There are many models for teacher preparation programs. At some institutions, the methods classes are taught by faculty and housed in content specific departments.  In others, they are staffed and taught within a teacher education program. The duration of the methods classes varies as well, at some institutions they may be one-semester long courses.  In others, methods be taught throughout the program and integrate content literacy, special education, TPAs, and working with Emergent Bilinguals, etc (e.g., CSU East Bay has three semesters of single subject methods).  In any case, teacher credential programs may be the last to be able to plan for the credentials. However, if new courses need to be added Teacher Preparation programs can begin the process of course approval, which on some campuses can take upwards of 18 months.  At the same time, they can begin collaborating with the dance and theatre undergraduate programs.

If you have questions, comments, or ideas to share please email me at eric.engdahl@csueastbay.edu. We are beginning to plan a one-day gathering in fall 2019 when we can meet together and plan resources.

Model Theatre Credential Course Pathway
Here is an example schedule of courses needed for a BA/BS in in Theatre Education at Ball State University.