Rani Goyal Introduction by Michael Despars

Rani Goyal is an outstanding contributor to arts education, not only at Fullerton Union High School but for the Fullerton Joint Union High School district. District wide, Rani has made it her focus to support arts education by leading the District Arts Committee. This committee was developed to create dialogue amongst the districts seven high schools in order to ensure that all students have access to arts education. During her tenure she has led the charge to develop a district arts plan. As one of the few remaining Orange County District without an Arts plan, Rani saw the importance of this plan in order to develop community partnerships, articulations with middle school and colleges, and to create a starting point for the arts district wide.

We are currently in the process of trying to convince the district to hire a TOSA for the Arts. Despite some roadblocks, Rani has taken the reigns, fulfilling, as best she can, the role of a TOSA, until the district recognizes the need of such a position. While she cannot take on the role of a 24/7 TOSA, she is doing what she can in conjunction with the District Arts Committee.

At Fullerton Union High School, Rani is actively supportive of Arts Education on campus. She attends every production, concert, and gallery opening. Rani is a strong critical thinking who is always solving problems handed down by the district in order to ensure that her school operates in a way that is fair. When the district mandates classes sizes and 1/5 assignments, Rani works to make sure that those decisions have minimal impact on our Arts programming. Rani also makes sure she is present during the CETA High School Theatre Festival. Two years ago she even gave the welcome speech at the festival.

Personally, Rani has always been a strong advocate of me. She trusts my guidance and that I will always do what is needed to provide the best educational experience to all students. That trust is precious. So often you hear about administrators who make things difficult for arts educators. Rani encourages me to push the boundaries in order to support student learning.

I admire her passion and support and I feel that this award will be a testament to the work she has done and the work that still needs to be done within the district. I am proud to work under Rani Goyal.

(Michael Despars)

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