In partnership with the Drama Teachers of Southern California (DTASC), this scholarship has been created for an outstanding student participant of the CETA Southern High School Theatre Festivals and DTASC Festivals. The Mario Lomeli scholarship audition happens concurrently with the DTASC scholarship auditions. It is co-funded by DTASC and CETA.

Step 1: Download Application from DTASC

DTASC Scholarship Info:

Application includes:

•   Application Form

•   Personal Reflection Form

•   Theatre Festival Experience Form

•   Recommendation from current high school Theatre teacher — one page maximum on school letterhead

•   High school transcript including first semester of senior year. (Must include the cumulative grade point average.)

Step 2: Complete Application

  • All entries must be typed. Hand-written applications will not be accepted. The application is a pdf form – you can type into the blank spaces on your computer.
  • If you are mailing your application, print a copy to submit.
  • Photocopies or scans of any application materials and/or transcripts must be legible.
  • If any information is missing, the application will not be accepted.
  • Once your application is approved, you and your teacher will be notified of the audition location and time.
  • If you want the judges’ comments/ share sheets mailed to you, bring to the audition a self-addressed, stamped envelope (a standard #10 envelope) or $1.00 to purchase a stamped envelope from the Judge Coordinator when you arrive for your scholarship audition/presentation.
  • If you are applying for both scholarships, you do not need to send duplicates of transcripts, letters, envelopes, etc. If you are mailing, send both applications in the same envelope.


Step 3: Submit Application

Deadlines and submission location are the same as for the DTASC scholarships.

Get the current snail mail or email address from the DTASC web site:

DTASC Scholarship Info:

Do NOT send anything that DTASC has to sign for.

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