NorCal Monologue Competition Criteria

Actors prepare up to three minutes of two contrasting monologues.

Please wear black and dress neatly. One chair; no costumes or props. 

Specific Criteria for Monologues outlined

    1. monologues must be published material written specifically for theatre

      1. Carol will send email and request information on performance pieces after a school registers (Play title, playwright, publisher, rights information)

    2. maximum of three minutes total for both monologues  

      1. Students who go over time will receive feedback but will not qualify for an award

      2. Time begins AFTER the introduction – with the first action or words spoken

    3. no adult or inappropriate material (PG 13 guidelines)

      1. students who violate the standard will be automatically disqualified from Callbacks and Awards

    4. Students need to present an introduction which includes:

      1. Student name

      2. Play titles

      3. Playwrights

      4. Roles being portrayed