There are two pathways into teaching theatre in California public schools. One is to pass the CSET exam, then enter a credentialing program based at a university or college in the state. The exam is aligned to the CA Arts Standards. If you are coming out of an undergraduate program in theatre (BA or BFA) it will be helpful if that program’s curriculum is aligned to these standards to ensure your preparedness to successfully pass the exam.

Another option is that you could waive the CSET requirement for entering a credential program if you participate in a Commission-approved Subject Matter Program (this could be a “pre-teacher track” in a 4-year university Theatre Program or at a Junior College). This type of program is usually about 24 units.

The list of these programs will be available here once they have been established.

We are proud the first Theatre credential program in the State of California is currently being administered at California State University East Bay Please visit them to find out more information: