Sceneworks submissions must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The submission must be a play and not a musical

  2. The submission must adhere to all mask and social distancing guidelines as outlined in the Recommendations for Reopening School Theatre Programs from EdTA (These should serve as a minimum requirement for all participants. Any entries not following guidelines will NOT be eligible for winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

    1. Minimum guidelines are:

      1. Adhere to social distancing (6 feet between actors, technicians, and teachers) by applying a room capacity formula as outlined in the EdTA guidelines

      2. Everyone should wear masks throughout rehearsal.

      3. Avoid touching, blocking, movement, or singing that might increase the transmission of aerosol droplets.

  3. Categories are: A-Published Scene, B-Student Original Scene, and C-Digital Platform (either published or student original).

  4. A strict 8 minute maximum time will be enforced. If the performance exceeds 8 minutes, your scene will NOT be eligible for winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

  5. Submissions can be from a “Zoom”, “Google Meet” or other digital video conferencing service. But no editing of the video is allowed for categories A and B (see instruction below).

  6. Categories A and B can be recorded in person, based on the minimum EdTA reopening guidelines, and/or the guidelines permitted by your school/health department. The EdTA guidelines should be considered the minimum requirements for all participating schools.

  7. This should be a recorded theatrical acting scene, not “acting for the camera.”

  8. Minimal props/set/tech recommended. Only Acting will be adjudicated. AVOID distracting backgrounds or clothing prints that “dance” on camera.

  9. Recording Protocol

    1. Videos must be shot in landscape mode and must not be edited in any way (except category C).

    2. Category A and B: Record the scene with a single stationary “camera.” No zooming in. No moving the camera. No stopping and starting the recording during the scene. No multiple cameras. Just point and record.

    3. If category A and B must be recorded from a digital platform (due to your school guidelines) you may toggle between speakers, but do not edit the recording “in post.” Just set up the scene and record.

    4. When recording for category C, a zoom meeting or other digital platform, “screen capture” or record the performance from the platform. Be creative. You can edit and toggle between speakers. You can edit “in post” moments of the scene (for example reactions, stage combat, handing off props). (Many cool examples are popping up online) THIS SHOULD BE INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE.

    5. Check your audio, we need to hear you.

  10. Performance Protocol

    1. All students slate: first and last names and character name only.

    2. Transition moment: actors go to places and are not in character.

    3. The timer begins when the first character moves or speaks.

    4. To signal the end of the scene, actors should hold for a moment after which the recording should be ended. No need to bow.

  11. Submission Protocol

    1. On October 1st, registered schools will be emailed the Google Form to begin submitting their recorded scenes.

    2. Obtaining rights and permissions for any published piece is the responsibility of the school. We will NOT broadcast any piece that does not have the appropriate licensing and streaming permission from the publisher/playwright. Please reference this document from EdTA  for further assistance in obtaining rights. Please upload your documentation if needed.

    3. List the title of the play plus the names and character of all students in the recording.

    4. Your video file must not exceed 10GB

    5. Your video file must be named: FULL SCHOOL NAME_CATEGORY

      1. For example: AWESOME HS_PUBLISHED



    6. Dec 10th submission form closes

  1. Rubric for Sceneworks

  1. Fees

    1. Schools will pay 1 flat fee of $200 for the following:

    2. Adjudication of three (3) 8-minute scenes (1 for each of the 3 categories) (Published Work, Student Written Original, Digital Platform Piece). Three (3) total submissions, one (1) in each category.

    3. Feedback using a truncated CETA HSTF adjudication form (RUBRIC FOR SCENEWORKS, rankings for each category, awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for each category, 2 outstanding performer awards for each category, 1 outstanding ensemble award for each category. Certificates of Merit for students, Adjudicator medallions.

    4. 2 Senior Acting Scholarship entries  (submit video-2 contrasting pieces, 2 min total) Rubric

    5. 2 Senior Technical Scholarship entries (submit digital portfolio, top entries will be interviewed by appointment) Rubric **This category is subject to additional modifications for this year. Stay tuned.

    6. Vivian Bish Scholarship entry

    7. Festival Registration Scholarship Application Details for this year’s scholarship is subject to change based on entry fee.