Techworks submissions must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Must be a from a full-length or 1-act (1-Act would be 30-60 pages, approximately 30-60 minutes) published play (not a musical). Schools are highly encouraged to seek out plays by minority playwrights or featuring minority groups for this theoretical design competition.

  2. The submission must adhere to all mask and social distancing guidelines as outlined in the Recommendations for Reopening School Theatre Programs from EdTA These should serve as a minimum requirement for all participants. Any entries not following guidelines will NOT be eligible for winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

    1. Minimum guidelines are:

      1. Adhere to social distancing (6 feet between actors, technicians, and teachers) by applying a room capacity formula

      2. Everyone should wear masks throughout rehearsal.

      3. Sanitize all technical hardware--microphones/headsets, rigging, sound and light boards, lights and rigging before and after each rehearsal per manufacturer instruction. (For microphone care, see:

      4. Do not allow any sharing of makeup, costumes, or wigs

  3. Categories: Full-length and 1-Act (1-Act would be 30-60 pages, approximately 30-60 minutes)

  4. Schools may submit up to 2 show design projects total, 1 per category.

  5. This should be a collaborative student design project from your student production team(s)

    1. This is a great semester project for your technical theatre class

    2. Pick your category; pick your play; pick three (3) design areas offered below (or do all of them and choose the top 3 student design areas to submit for the competition)

  6. Remember, students must articulate the design concept, design collaboration process and use their text analysis to support design decisions being presented.

  7. Design Areas (pick 3) 

    1. Set Design:  Pictures of completed model or model box, overhead ground plans, elevations, renderings, and/or sketches.

    2. Properties:  Prop list, research, plans, sketches, construction photos and/or constructed pieces.

    3. Lighting Design: plots, supporting hang paperwork, draftings, visual example

    4. Costume Design: renderings, hand or digital, research, swatches or examples, actual costumes

    5. Make-up / Hair Design: Renderings. Pictures of models with techniques indicating before and after, research

    6. Sound Design: Design concept integration, samples of sound recordings, cue sheets.

    7. Publicity Design: Poster, social media, images, tickets, program design, creative advertising.

  8. Rubric for Techworks 

  9. Recording Protocol

    1. An up to 8 minute presentation video discussing the design concept, text analysis, design process, work division, examples of work product, photos, etc.

    2. Video may be edited and include student(s) voice-over or live action recording.

    3. Video may include a powerpoint, photos, practicals, audio samples, lighting demo or other creative ways to show your design concept.

    4. Please include student names and contribution within the video (could be spoken or title card)

    5. Videos must be shot in landscape mode.

    6. Check your audio, we need to hear you.

  10. Submission Protocol 

    1. On October 1st, registered schools will be emailed the Google Form to begin submitting their recorded Techworks design video.

    2. Your video file must not exceed 10GB

    3. Your video file must be named: FULL SCHOOL NAME_CATEGORY

      1. For example: AWESOME HS_1ACT

      2. RANCHO AWESOME HILLS HS_Full Length

    4. Enter student names and contribution

    5. Dec 10th submission form closes 

  1.  Schools will pay $40 per submission (up to 2 for a total of $80) for the following:

    1. Adjudication of your 8-minute show design project video submission

    2. You many enter 1 or both categories: Full length and/or 1-Act

    3. Feedback using CETA HSTF Techworks adjudication form, rankings for each category, Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each category, Certificates of Merit, and Adjudicator Medallions.