CA Thespians offer scholarships to students who demonstrate excellence in theatre, a commitment to their troupe & community, and a desire to give back to Thespians.


The following outlines the 8 scholarships available in 2021:

The Senior Scholarship in Performance rewards the excellence of senior Thespians in theatrical performance.

The Senior Scholarship in Technical Theatre & Design rewards the excellence of senior Thespians in theatrical crafts and design.

The Senior Scholarship for Future Theatre Educators rewards the excellence of senior Thespians who intend to enter theatre education as a career.

*NEW* The Senior Scholarship in Theatre Making rewards the excellence of senior Thespians whose passion for theatre lies in areas outside the crafts of performance or technical theatre & design. Career/education paths could include: directing, playwriting, marketing, theatre company ownership or management, as well as others.

The Kathleen Conner Production and Management Scholarship rewards the excellence of senior Thespians who intend to pursue a career in entertainment production or management. Career/Education paths could include: Agent, Theater Management, Film/TV Budgets, Entertainment Lawyer, Producer, Entertainment Accountant, Educator, or similar. 

The Gai Jones Senior Honor Thespian Scholarship rewards the excellence of senior Thespians who have achieved the rank of Honor Thespian according to the bylaws of their troupe and/or the guidelines of the International Thespian Society.

CA Thespian Undergrad Scholarships provide support for non-senior Thespians to attend extracurricular theatre or theatre-related programs, usually during the summer, with the intention that they will implement their new skills and knowledge for the good of their troupe.

The Ellis Jordan Scholarship awards outstanding sophomore and junior Thespians by financing their attendance at the International Thespian Festival, with the intention of supporting their personal growth and strengthening their Troupe. 



To apply for a scholarship, applicants must follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Due March 8th: The current Troupe Director must submit the names of students they are recommending for scholarships. Note that no letter of recommendation is required; CA Thespians assumes that Troupe Directors are submitting their very best Thespians for these honors. LINK
  2. Due March 8th: Once the Troupe Director has submitted their recommendations, applicants will receive a link to the scholarship application. Each application requires preparation; we recommend that applicants gather materials and be ready to submit them as soon as the Troup Director recommendation is submitted. See the specific page for each scholarship for the requirements.
  3. March 21, 2021 or earlier: Applicants will be notified of the results of their application.


Scholarship FAQs



In the effort to increase access to scholarships monies for all CA Thespians, and to equitably distribute these funds, the following judging processes will be followed:

  • All identifying information such as name, school, and home city will be removed from applications before they are sent to the judges.
  • Judges will score each application using a rubric. This ensures that all applications are scored against a common standard, rather than against other applications. 
  • Judges will also rank the applications in each category. In the case of a tie, judges’ rankings will be used to make the final decision. 
  • There will be no synchronous interviews, and no second round of applications. 

All applications are scored on the following attributes. See the full scoring rubric here: LINK

  • Excellence in Theatre Practice
  • Ensemble and Collaborative Mindset 
  • Community & Troupe  Engagement 
  • Theatre Advocacy Potential



Let your Troupe Director know you’d like to apply for a CA Thespian scholarship. Troupe Directors will start the application process by submitting applicant names HERE.