The Gai Jones Senior Honor Thespian Scholarship rewards the excellence of senior Thespians who have achieved the rank of Honor Thespian according to the bylaws of their troupe and/or the guidelines of the International Thespian Society.

Each troupe may submit one (1) senior Thespian for the Gai Jones Scholarship.

A successful applicant will…

  • Have a record of service and leadership within their troupe, school, and community – locally, nationally and/or internationally state, and/or national level
  • Be recommended by their Troupe Director
  • Be a Thespian in good standing with current troupe, with a current Thespian ID number
  • Have a current email address which they check regularly; all correspondence will be conducted via email. 
  • Submit all required application materials via Open Water by Mar 8, 2021. 
  • Note that auditions and presentations will be pre-recorded by the applicants and submitted virtually. 

To apply…

Your Troupe Director must submit your name as a recommended candidate by midnight on March 8, 2021. Once your name has been submitted, you will be emailed a link to submit your application. 

Application must be submitted online by midnight PST on March 8th, 2021. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The following items will need to be uploaded with your application, so please prepare them in advance. Please refer to the Scholarship FAQ for important information on avoiding personal information in your application materials.

  1. Resume: one page (8.5 x 11) Resume which includes 
    • theatre courses taken at school
    • junior & senior year productions
    • Thespian troupe offices held
    • Thespian and theatre-related awards
    • school- or troupe-based leadership projects
    • state or national leadership projects & experience
  2. Personal Statement: 500-600 word typed personal statement which includes:
    • You are an Honor Thespian. What have you accomplished besides the required GPA? Please elaborate on one or more aspects of your Thespian service to school, troupe and community.
    • What have you learned by being a Thespian?
  3. Recorded presentation
    • You have 5 minutes to present a video slide deck with answers to the following questions:
      1. In your future college, life and career you will have challenges; you may not be number one on a cast/tech designer list. What qualities did being a Thespian develop in you, that will sustain you through these challenges?
      2. Project yourself to your 10 year college reunion. What do you hope to have accomplished by that time in your life? 
      3. What else would you like the judges to know about your experience as a member of the International Thespian Society? 
    • It is suggested that you create your presentation in Google Slides or a similar platform; your presentation should be recorded, and photos or video of yourself should be avoided. See FAQ for presentation guidelines.

Keep in mind…

All applications are scored on the following attributes. See the full scoring rubric here

  • Excellence in Theatre Practice
  • Ensemble and Collaborative Mindset 
  • Community & Troupe  Engagement 
  • Theatre Advocacy Potential

If you are awarded a scholarship…

All scholarship recipients will receive an email from the scholarship coordinator explaining the process to claim the scholarships for the program/event selected. All follow up is the responsibility of the recipient.

All scholarship recipients will receive a letter from the scholarship coordinator explaining the process to claim scholarships.

If issued a scholarship, CA State Thespians does not register you for the program/event selected. All follow up is the responsibility of the recipient.


When you are ready…

Let your Troupe Director know you’d like to apply for the Gai Jones Senior Honor Thespian Scholarship. Your Troupe Director will start the application process by submitting your name HERE, and then you will receive the link to submit your application materials.

With questions…

Should you have any application or pre-festival questions please reach out to the scholarship coordinator.

Our 2021 Scholarship Coordinators are Emily Stamets ( and Marjorie Treger (