California State Thespians will award scholarships to help with college expenses for Senior Thespians attending the Thespian Festival. Unlike the Senior Scholarship categories: performance, technical/design, and theatre educator, the Kathleen Conner Production and Management Scholarship does not require scholarship recipients to enroll in a college or university in performing arts or arts-related major or minor for the fall term. Instead, recipients will indicate how their selected major and their experience aligns with their long term career goals in a film/tv production or theatre management. Career/Education paths could include: Agent, Theater Management, Film/TV Budgets, Entertainment Lawyer, Producer, Entertainment Accountant, or similar. 

Each troupe can submit only one Senior Thespian for this scholarship. To be eligible, each applicant must be a graduating senior with a minimum 2.0 GPA overall; have a minimum 3.0 GPA in all arts courses, and be an active member in good standing of his/her Thespian Troupe. Current Thespian ID number and current email address are required. All correspondence will be done through email.


Kathleen Conner Scholarship Application

All forms due 1/31/2020

Check your form submissions here!

All scholarship candidates completing the application process will be pre-scheduled for an audition/presentation appointment. Incomplete or late applications will not be scheduled for an on-site Scholarship audition/presentation.

The following items will need to be uploaded with your application, so please prepare them in advance.

  1. Resume: one page (8.5 x 11) Resume which includes personal information, performance, and technical theatre experiences, training, special talents, club affiliations, honors, awards, and other theatre-related information.
  2. A signed Troupe Director/Sponsor Recommendation.
    This could be as simple as a signed statement of support from your Troupe Director. Your Troupe Director may submit directly to
  3. GPA Verification form signed by High School Academic Counselor
    If you don’t have a pre-designed school form please feel free to use the following GPA Verification Form. Your Troupe Director or Counselor may also submit directly to
  4. Personal Statement: one page (8.5 x 11) typed personal statement which includes:
    • The major/minor that you intend to pursue
    • Your reasons for selecting this program of study
    • Your aspirations and goals for your future
    • What benefits you have received from your theatre experience, and
    • How your involvement in Thespians has influenced the pursuit of your goals.
  5. Headshot: 3”x 5” or larger photo



Scholarship Auditions consist of a Technical/Design Presentation plus a short interview with the Scholarship Judges.

Theatre Educator Presentations: 5 Minutes
  • You will have 5 minutes to present any combination of the following:
    • Teacher or leadership portfolio
    • Stage manager’s book
    • Design portfolio
    • Video/DVD of plays, scenes or monologues directed or coached,
    • Workshops or classes taught
    • Demonstration of teaching a skill/technique, and/or
    • Discussion of your motivation to become an educator.
  • You must provide your own viewing equipment (e.g. Laptop, DVD, CD-Rom, Projector, etc).
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the scholarship judges about teaching, goals, education, and philosophy of educational theatre will follow the presentation.


Interview: 2 Minutes

Be prepared to answer questions from the scholarship judges about teaching, goals, education, and philosophy of educational theatre will follow the presentation. This interview with the scholarship judges will immediately follow the performance or technical presentation.

Senior Scholarship interview questions may include:

  • Why you chose the college/university arts program
  • Your educational and career goals
  • The benefit of being a Thespian.



  • All scholarship recipients will receive a letter from the scholarship coordinator explaining the process to claim scholarships.
  • If issued a scholarship, CA State Thespians does not register you for the program/event selected. All follow up is the responsibility of the recipient.



When you click submit below, you will receive a confirmation of your submission. You can also use that confirmation to make any edits necessary to your application.

Should you have any application or pre-festival questions please reach out to the scholarship coordinator.

Our 2020 Scholarship Coordinator is Michele Richardson and she can be reached at