“Kid-Friendly” versions of the Tech Events for Fall – easier to understand and follow.

If you still have questions, or you want to give feedback,
email llanning@pacbell.net and put Tech in the subject line.

The zip file at the top of each list has all 3 pdfs for your division in a folder. Just double click it to open it on your hard drive.

Or download just the pdf for the event you’re interested in.

Varsity Tech
Varsity Fall Tech 9-17.zip
Varsity Fall Sets 9-17.pdf
Varsity Fall Costumes 9-17.pdf
Varsity Fall Graphics 9-17.pdf

Junior Varsity Tech
JV Fall Tech 9-17.zip
JV Fall Sets 9-17.pdf
JV Fall Costumes 9-17.pdf
JV Fall Graphics 9-17.pdf

Middle School Tech
MS Fall Tech 9-17.zip
MS Fall Sets 9-17.pdf
MS Fall Costumes 9-17.pdf
MS Fall Graphics 9-17.pdf