The Drama Teacher’s Association of Southern California stands by the Black Lives Matter movement and the members of our community. DTASC is committed to continuing to support our students and educators, not only as artists but as global citizens. Too many of our members are suffering right now and we are committed to doing what we can do as educators to continue to expose their plight and the injustices that many of our students, members and their families face every single day.

As an organization, we will examine our own festivals and policies with a commitment to better serve our Black students. Through educating ourselves we can use our platform to compassionately support and educate all of our students and work towards becoming a truly inclusive organization.

We hear you. We support you. We will do better.

We are forming two advisory committees to help steer DTASC's efforts and to provide support for teachers in order to help them better provide equity within their programs. If you or your students would like to be involved, please fill out the relevant form below:

Coaches Interested in Joining the Committee
Students Interested in Joining the Students Advisory Group