No complete handbook or complete sections are available at this time for after 2018.

D – Coach Responsibilities rev 9 -17
D TOC rev 9-17.pdf
D1 Tchr code rev 2020.pdf
D2 Student Code rev 2020.pdf
D3 New Teacher Guide rev 9-16.pdf
D4 Parent Guidelines rev 8-19.pdf
D5 Ad Sheet rev 8-19.pdf

E – Festival Rules rev 9-18
E TOC rev 9-17.pdf
E1 Participating School Rules rev 8-19.pdf
E2 Scene Rules rev8-21
E3 Fall Festival Rules 2000.pdf
E4 Shakespeare Rules Rev 1-19.pdf
E5 Rules for Previous Categories 2000.pdf

E6 Virtual Fall Festival 2021
E6 Virtual Festival Guidelines
E6 ActingRulesVirtual rev8-21
E6 TechOverview rev8-21

E7 Shakespeare Festival 2022
E7 ShakespeareActingRules rev8-21

Please refer to E2 and E6 for
DTASC Virtual Fall Festival 2021.

The sections in RED have been
updated for Fall 2021.

Other sections have not been updated yet. Information is generally correct, but page references and dates may not be.
We are in the process of moving the handbook into Google docs. Thank you for your patience.
If you have questions about anything, please contact the handbook chair at (same person) or any board member.