New Format & Procedures for 2024! 

  • Teams will form and sign-up onsite at State Festival.
  • Teams must sign-up with a unique name.
  • Each team must consist of four or five players.
  • Each team must have members from at least two different troupes.
  • Each team will play the selected game once.
  • Audience members will vote on their favorite team of the night
    (you must be present at the event to cast your vote.)
  • A panel of judges will also review and select their Top 2 teams of the night.

Judging, Points and Rules:

  • Judges will score each team on a scale of 1-10 (10 = Spectacular!)
  • Judges will rank each team after all teams have performed.
  • Judges will meet and select their Top 2 “Judges’ Choice” teams of the night
  • After receiving their prompt, each team will have 30 seconds maximum to organize their plan prior to beginning the scene.
  • A time limit of 4 minutes maximum will be set for each game.
  • Time begins when the scene begins.
  • The Timekeeper’s hand will go up at 3:45 as a visual warning for time. The scene ends when ‘time’ is called by the timekeeper or when the actors call ‘scene.’

Important Considerations:

  • Improv Spectacular is a family-friendly event.
  • All scenes must adhere to CST festival guidelines for content.
  • Judges can stop a scene at any time for inappropriate content.

Improv Spectacular Game:

Scenes From A Hat

A team will wait upstage for the timekeeper to hand out one random scene from the team. Team members will have 30 seconds to confer before beginning their scene. Players should focus on humor, intelligence, and overall storytelling to maximize points from the judges.


Updated October 22, 2023