California State Student Board officers are elected at Festival to one-year terms. Each troupe may nominate up to two active members of the Thespian Society to run for office with the recommendation of the Troupe Director. Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater and have attended California State Thespian One Day Leadership (North or South). If the student is elected, the Troupe Director does not automatically become a member but is encouraged to join the State Board.

Serving on the State Board requires a substantial time commitment and though costs associated with meals and travel are covered (with the exception of travel associated with attending Festival), serving may involve some expense to the student. Candidates and their sponsors are required to help out during the Festival where they are a candidate, as well as attend the Festival the next year during their term.

All candidates will run as members-at-large. Specific positions will be decided by a consensus of the newly elected Student State Board. Student State Board offices may include Chair, Vice-Chair, and Members at Large.

Stay Tuned on how to become a State Thespian Officer for 2021-2022!