Thespys take many people to run smoothly, and each troupe plays a vital role in making that happen.

We are asking each troupe to provide two students for work on Friday during Thespys and Saturday during Thespy call backs to act as room chairs. Room chairs are primarily responsible for timing pieces during all Thespy events to ensure all entries meet time limit requirements.

Who it’s great for:

  • beginning students who would benefit from seeing the work of their peers
  • students with no other Friday commitments
  • students with community service requirements to fill

Please make sure your two room chairs are not booked up with events on Friday as they will be quite busy room chairing during the events.

Room Chairs will be trained at festival and will be provided explanations for expectations prior to festival.

All room chairs will receive a community service certificate for their time at festival.

All troupe directors will receive an email after registration requesting student names from Olivia Parker. If you have questions please direct them to the room chair coordinator:


updated Oct 26, 2023