Looking for more opportunities for technicians at festival?

Tech challenge is a friendly, competitive event where students compete against each other in different technical elements to see who is the cleanest and the fastest in each event.

Events will include:

  • props change over
  • gelling a light
  • sewing
  • under/over cable coiling
  • backdrop fold

Three of the events (props change over, under/over cable coiling, and backdrop fold) are designed for two person teams, while the other two events (light gelling and sewing) are designed for students to compete on their own.

Prizes and certificates will be provided for all winners.

Tech challenge is available to all students on Saturday during the dinner hour.

No advanced sign ups are necessary. This event is free for all Festival registrants.

Students simply need to come to the quad to participate at festival. If you have questions please direct them to the tech challenge coordinator: Olivia.Parker@cathespians.org


Updated Oct 16, 2022