California Thespians Trustees

Diane Carr

Anthony Robinson

Kathleen Conner


California Thespians Governing Board

Anthony Robinson
Chapter Director

Michele Richardson
Director of Events

Stacy Castiglione
Secretary / Director of Communication

Kathleen Conner
Treasurer / CFO

Vanessa Montgomery
Director of State Thespian Officers

Krista Carson Elhai
Director of Advocacy and Fundraising 

Cassie Shott
irector at Large


California Student State Thespian Officers

Julie (Julissa) Lopez

Emily Baggarly
Vice Chair

Annie Tsui

Brandon Calderon

Candace Coe

Harris Solomon

Jack Morrill

Joanna Juarez 

Mark Grabador

Michael Laverde

Noah Buyak

Riley Polansk

California Thespian State Board

Alison Johnson

Billy Houck
Northern CA Rep.

Bryan Ringsted

Carol Griffitts

Cassie Shott

Emily Coalson Stamets

Gary Griffitts

Jennifer Nitschke

Olivia Parker

Spenser Morris


California Thespian Festival Board

Eleanor Packwood

Jeff Bengford

Michael Aldama

Paige Melvin Zink

Sheila McClure


California Thespian Emeritus Board

Diane DeJulio

Gai Jones

Jacquie Thompson-Mercer

Kim O'Rourke

Linda de Baun