To assist you in planning for next school year, here are the rates for the 2023-24 CA Thespian events.

  • Play Festivals: $165 per Thespian school ($265 per non-Thespian school)
  • State Thespian Festival:
    $150 per Thespian, $185 per non-Thespian
    $35 per Thespy event
    $35 per Student Tech Crew application
    $15 per t-shirt
    All other festival activities are included in registration. Food is not included.
  • Jr Thespian Festival: $35 per student
  • Leadership & Technical Theatre Conferences: $35 per student, Troupe Directors are free ($100 per non-Thespian school)
We look forward to seeing you at this year’s events!


updated October 25, 2023